The dimensional considerations for silencers

Sometimes, the situation calls for a diffuser silencer. When people need one, they come to us because we have a long history of creating them. Our products let users lower the noise in industrial settings. This can prove very useful. Some workers must remain in these environments for hours. Without the right PPE or a reliable silencer, their hearing could be at risk.
You need to be careful when you design industrial silencers. For one you must keep the dimensional considerations in mind. If you don’t, you might create a product that will not work. The following are all the areas you need to look at.

Vital elements

A silencer’s dimensions will depend on the room that’s available. The specifications of the ductwork are also important. It’s the same with performance requirements. Normally, you would specify silencer height and width dimensions to match the ductwork.
There are advantages to matching the silencer dimensions to the ductwork. For example, the transitions have a positive effect on the silencer. Consider them so you can get the right solution.
Transitions at the discharge and inlet of the silencer generate turbulent airflow. This might lead to the pressure dropping. The noise will increase too. You must prevent this from happening.

Silencer lengths

Usually, you choose the silencer’s length by looking at the space that is available and performance. With longer silencers, you have higher insertion losses. However, you must weigh this against the extra costs and pressure drop. There is a cost effective thing you can do here; opt for silencers with a length to match the requirements for insertion loss.
It’s also mandatory for you to have numerous diffuser silencer configurations. This allows you to meet the various needs.
At Ventx, we use high-class materials in our silencers. As a result units are capable of resisting thermal shock. This can happen because of pressure and high temperatures.
If you would like to purchase a diffuser silencer, please contact us. We will deliver products fit for use no matter what your needs are.