Considerations for extreme silencer applications

Your situation might demand an inline silencer. If it does, you should speak with us. Our team work to ensure that every unit can perform to the right standard. To do so, they use advanced computer software and top quality materials. In the end, we give you a reliable solution to your noise problem.
Silencers, sound traps, baffles, mufflers, and splitters are similar. However, they’re also different in many vital ways. Generally, noise reduction instruments like these are for lowering unwanted sounds. This could be from in an exhaust or an air intake system. The former could be exhausting a gas rather than air in some cases. Any such apparatus that occupies the airstream shall cause a pressure drop in the set up. This is because it halts flow.

You need the right kind of engineering

For this reason alone, noise management equipment such as these must have adequate engineering. This way, you can balance the necessary noise drop against the reduction in total pressure you can permit inside the system. More critical and extreme applications need commensurately suitable intense manufacturing capabilities. They also require the same high engineering standards. Examples of these applications include mass flow and gas turbines.
This is the case with certain types of silencers. Inherently, these distinct sound restricting tools are pressure vessels. As a result, you must design and produce them to endure extreme conditions. You also cannot overlook the quality and attention to detail for vital interior components. The reason for this is that safety always has to be the main concern. You can’t design for extreme situations in any other way.
At Ventx, we can create an inline silencer with an inlet diffuser. This lowers the size of the valve. We design and create them whilst thinking about the appropriate design code. Not to mention, we adhere to the requirements set out by the PED. We CE mark our diffusers as well.
If you would like to know more about us, feel free to get in touch anytime. We can create a silencer to suit almost any application, even the most extreme ones.