Acoustic silencers and how they work

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There are all kinds of silencers to choose from. Acoustic models are good examples. Another name for them is dissipative silencers. They use sound-absorbing materials to cut sound levels.
If they are fitted correctly the noise within your ducts will travels through the silencer. When it does, the acoustic energy enters the baffles via the perforated metal liner. It’s the liner’s job to safeguard the acoustic substance from the air. This can erode it at high velocities. However, the liner still has a big enough free area that it’s acoustically transparent.

From energy to heat

The acoustic energy will get inside the baffle. When it does, it’ll come into contact with the absorptive media. Usually, this consists of glass fibre strands. The friction between the fibres and energy turns the it into heat. This lowers the present acoustic energy and sound at the discharge. As a result it is a great method of noise control.
Some silencers may suffer with high gap velocities during installation. Here, you can use a sheet of fibreglass cloth. Put it between the glass fibre material and perforated metal. This allows for protection against corrosion. This also won’t affect the silencer’s acoustic performance here.
There are various applications for these types of silencers. Examples include circular ductwork and fan plenums as well as general HVAC supply.
At Ventx, we know how tough it is to accurately predict noise levels. To make things as easier we use cutting edge computer software. With it, we’re able to see what levels have the best chance of manifesting. Therefore we can create effective noise controls.
If our company interests you and you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us. We have a great reputation and also always do our very best to cut noise to a more acceptable level.