The benefits of using a rotary blower discharge silencer

Industrial silencers aren’t something you see every day. But they are installations we need more of. They play a crucial role in managing sound levels. This keeps those working and visiting safe from the detrimental effects of noise. It can also reduce breakout noises to protect the environment. Our establishment is one of the most respected silencer specialists in the UK. We can offer clients first class intake silencer designs as well as many others.

Rotary blower discharge silencers

These are among the most critical components to high performance. This is the case for all blower systems. Many believe the discharge doesn’t produce that much noise if you compare to the inlet. However, that isn’t the case. The high frequency pulsations and discharge noise are common at the outlet. They can cause the destruction of systems functioning under very high velocities and pressures. The reason for this is that the components tend to be contained in a closed system.

The positive rotary blower discharge silencer doesn’t compress the medium. Instead, it carries to the discharge side of the blower from the inlet. With the compression phase, it occurs when the line pressure accumulates at the open port. At this time, compressed air gets pushed into the line. The action causes incredibly steep wave forms. These tend to be destructive to piping and other equipment, if you don’t take care of things properly.

For building these systems, there are some essential design considerations. Examples are discharge speed and displacement. By evaluating the two factors, you get a system that reduces the hassle that would occur if you fail to acknowledge them.

How do the silencers help?

Rotary blower discharge silencers aid in reducing the effects of the air flow here. The reason is that the vibration and pulsation caused by the air flow out of a constricted area is high. If you don’t handle it correctly, the resulting destruction can be expensive. With silencers, your systems can work in harmony.

Also, high frequency air flow results in much vibration and noise. This can be a nuisance to the surrounding environment. The primary function of these silencers is minimising the noises. They do so by harmonising the pressure surge of the gas that exits the outlet into the opening.

Something else the silencers do is increase a system’s efficiency and accuracy. The vibration and noises caused when silencers aren’t in use is resulting from the air. This is passed through a medium. During passage it normally cools down. The result is medium imbalances. If you used the medium without it passing through a silencer, inaccuracy problems would appear. Silencers can help correct the variation.

Talk to us if you need an intake silencer

At Ventx, we design our silencers using acoustic modelling software. It analyses your systems and provides us with a wealth of information. We then use it to create the right installation. Having the wrong silencer would only serve to compromise your system.

So, if you find that you need an intake silencer or something else, let us know. We can design solutions specifically for you, delivering the highest level of noise reduction.