Taking care of the noise produced by your ductwork

There are many people out there suffering from noise issues. Those working in industrial settings are definitely at risk. To help, our business supplies special attenuators. Each one is designed specifically to work in your premises. The thing about these tools is that there is no universal solution to the problem. Therefore, we must provide something that works with your particular systems. We do just that so we can give you the best noise reduction.

A duct silencer, or sound attenuator, is a ventilation system component that can limit noise. This is the sounds that transmit within the ductwork. You install these tools close to sources that create the noises. This includes fire dampeners, air flow regulators, and air handling units. With sound attenuators, you are able to install them in visible areas as well, like part of the exposed ductwork. This is due to the full compatibility with other parts of the ventilation system and the aesthetic design.


Often, the noise in the ducts comes from the air handling gear. Additionally, there is the sound that travels between rooms when it enters a duct. However, the noise creation can also come from the passage of air via straight ducts. There is also the impact of air that flows through components like mixing boxes, branches, and bends.

It is possible for the noise to be created from the air flow via the ducts too. At the same time, it can come from badly insulated fan mountings, or improperly suspended ducts. With the right attenuator, you will be able to efficiently manage all of your sound problems.

These devices allow the users to preserve proper acoustic parameters within each room too. They can even limit the sound in rooms that need a high level of acoustic comfort. Examples include reading and sleeping rooms or areas like labs.

Let us design all of your attenuators

At Ventx, we have the ability to design all kinds of silencers. This is possible thanks to the use of our special acoustic modelling software. We utilise it to analyse your system and then manufacture the ideal utensil using the information.

So, if you wish to do business with us, feel free to get in touch anytime. We can offer attenuators for any need. It could be a single model for one noisy system or a full suite of products for a very loud industrial setting.