HVAC silencers as part of a whole system approach

Our speciality is providing first rate utensils to reduce the noise in commercial and industrial facilities. This includes the vital attenuator, another name for a type of silencer. These aren’t your everyday items. However, we make sure they are readily available due to the importance of addressing loud noises in workplaces and the wider areas.

There are many annoying things in the world. This includes trying to get to sleep in a noisy, hot hotel room. If it isn’t the noise disturbing you, it will be the heat. Furthermore, conference facilities don’t want people to have to deal with noise from HVAC systems. These could be so loud they distract everyone from what the speaker is saying. There are many other situations where noise is simply unacceptable too. What you need is a solution to handle it. You really need a silencer, or sound attenuators.


An important fact to remember though is that HVAC attenuators are not likely to function to their best in isolation. Instead, they should be part of a whole system approach to noise limitation. It is unlikely that piecemeal solutions will be effective.

The good thing about silencers is that they come in a variety of forms. This allows them to fit around or over any HVAC gear. That makes them more useful but you may still need to look at other things such as the fans, layout of ducts, and any obstacles. The whole system design should focus on being as quiet as possible.

Sound waves

When sound waves encounter a HVAC silencer, the perforations within let the waves fill the acoustic media in the fitting. The media, or baffle, typically has millions of compact air pockets. It can be fibre too. The thickness will vary depending on the frequency of the noise.

Speak to us for an attenuator and advice

At Ventx, we use acoustic modelling software to ensure that we design the right product for each client. Every property has different systems. Because of this, there is no universal solution to the noise pollution. Thanks to our talent though, we will have no trouble helping you.

The great thing about choosing an attenuator from us is we ensure it lasts as long as possible. We can also offer lots of options in terms of style, shape, and size. So, if you wish to work with us, please give our company a call.