Some examples of blow off systems

Industrial blow off systems come in various shapes and sizes. They can serve a number of crucial roles, including releasing excess steam or getting rid of contaminants. We want to have a look at some examples here today to see why blowing is so useful. Then, if you have any systems that need a blow off silencer to tackle noise, we can provide it.

Conveyor debris

Many facilities rely on conveyors to move loads and materials. They are more efficient than moving everything manually, with a single conveyor able to do the work of dozens of people. They can also work around the clock with little downtime.

An issue here though is debris can get on conveyors. It can cause an array of issues, including interfering with components or compromising performance. In the worst cases it could even stop a conveyor from working entirely, resulting in downtime and repair costs. A good solution is to use a blow off system to remove the debris. It can do this effectively to keep everything moving smoothly.

Sheet metal blow off

Many products we use every day start life as sheets of metal. These need cutting to size as one of the first stages of the manufacturing process. Precision is important so the manufacturer can ensure accuracy and avoid flaws. A crucial thing to achieve this is effectively removing chips and debris.

One of the best options here is blowing. A blow off system can effectively get rid of chips and other debris. This can improve the quality of the parts you are cutting. It also helps to protect the cutting tools. You can choose powerful air knife systems, but you may need a blow off silencer to address the noise.

Water removal

A number of industrial applications require rinsing and other processes to clean and sterilise components. For example, it could be bottles getting cleaned before they can be filled with new product. Or it could be parts that need a rinse to remove grease and lubricant.

Blow off systems are a good choice here. Powerful jets of air can efficiently get rid of all water droplets and moisture. This saves time and means that components can move on for the next stages of production. It is especially important for any parts that are to get a final coating; blowing off the water and moisture ensures coatings can adhere properly.

Do you need a blow off silencer?

While industrial blow off systems have plenty of uses as you have just read, it is important to think about safety. Utilising compressed air can result in a lot of noise. Over time this can damage the hearing of workers. Ear protection should be worn. If the sound is excessively loud, it may be wise to add a silencer to the system to dampen it.

Ventx is one of the UK’s best experts if you need industrial silencers. We have the experience and expertise to design them for a variety of systems. Our goal is to reduce the sound to safe levels to protect workers as well as other stakeholders.

So, if you need a blow off silencer, please contact us.