Know your propane noises

Industrial silencers aren’t your standard installations. If you have a manufacturing facility or similar property with noisy machines though, you will want to use them. When someone stays in a loud environment for too long, their health can be at risk. The effects can be permanent, such as hearing damage or deafness. To ensure safety, you will want to use the likes of our natural gas silencers and other designs. We can provide them.

There are a lot of things that make strange noises that we get used to with time. Some, such as the sound of water running through pipes, aren’t unnatural. There, you can take comfort in the fact that everything is operating normally. With natural gas and propane systems though, there are some irregular sounds you must be aware of. When you hear them, you need to pay attention, as they can spell trouble. Let’s go over some of the noises here.

Whistling and hissing

Of all the potential noises, these are the most common. When gas moves through pipes, there is some hissing. Heavy whistling or hisses when you are not using the gas though spells danger. It is typically the sound of gas escaping from your pipes. Usually, that only happens when gas gets fed to a pilot light or furnace. But it can also occur when gas escapes from a hole, seam, or joint. If you suspect a leak, turn the gas off and get a professional to have a look. Repairs may be necessary.

Knocking or pinging

Watch out for knocking or pinging too. When gas appliances, tanks, or lines give off these sounds, there is probably an issue with the gas/air mixture. When there is an uneven mix, flows in the gas lines won’t move evenly. One way to inspect this is by examining your gas stove or furnace. If the flames are primarily yellow or white-blue rather than blue with a yellow tip, you have an air-mix issue.


Overfilling a tank can result in a strange gurgling sound when the gas comes on. Such over-pressure places extra force on the gas-flow regulator. That makes it tricky for it to manage gas flow. One visual cue it is the concern is in discoloured pilot lights. You can also have low heat or weak flames.

Talk to us if you need natural gas silencers

If you simply have a very noisy natural gas system, our silencers may be able to help. At Ventx, we supply products to aid industrial workers and their visitors. They keep them safe from the dangers of long term noise exposure. Furthermore, these devices enable businesses to minimise the impact on the environment.

So, if you’re looking to purchase our natural gas silencers or other models, let us know. We can design bespoke ones for any facility. This is easiest at the planning stage, but we have experience with retrofitting too.