Silencer considerations for flow systems

The name of the game at Ventx is industrial noise reduction. We have a wealth of experience in this area. As a result, we know how much people struggle with this issue. They do so usually because they lack the right equipment. Fortunately, we design and supply numerous silencer models to fit in with all kinds of environments.
When you add a silencer to a flow system, there is an extra pressure drop to the flow. With the correct design however, it can be quite low. Alternatively, you can recover it from the dynamic head.
Aside from the drop in pressure, there could be other effects. This depends on where you position your silencer. We know a mixing procedure exists that is downstream of the silencer. If you locate any of your equipment here, the flow into the downstream gear won’t be uniform. It will actually be turbulent. As a result, it could lead to a reduction in performance. Statistically, the pressure drop through your gear would be greater.

What to expect from non-uniform flows

The approaching flow distribution into a silencer is not uniform in various applications. Examples include silencers at the downstreams of valves, diffusers, or elbows. The inlet flow for your silencer might not be uniform either. If it’s not, you should expect some adverse effects. To begin with, the total local velocity within a silencer shall be higher. This will result in complications with the protection of the absorption substances. Expect this with high flow velocity applications. The pressure drop across your silencer shall also be bigger.
Pressure drop through your silencer could be essential to the application. If it is, you can add efficient flow modifiers upstream of the silencers. These include turning vanes or diffusers. In addition, you can fashion a special silencer design to fit the upstream flow profile too.
At Ventx, we offer customers our silencers so they can adhere to strict laws. Said laws are those relating to the influence of industrial noise and how it can affect the environment.
Our bespoke solutions for industrial noise reduction make certain you comply with the law. If you have any questions for us, feel free to get in touch anytime.