Diagnostic surveys are essential when dealing with noise

Industrial silencer design is what our company excels at the most. For these utensils to work efficiently, we have to match them to the application. This is why our job is so exciting. Each facility has something that makes it unique to the last. As a result, there is no universal option for everything. We get to create something new every time.
Businesses often have to figure out how to lower the noise of fans in industrial settings. When they do this, it is typical of them to waste vast sums of money by selecting impractical solutions. In other instances, they simply focus on the wrong equipment, blower, or fan. At times, the business shall introduce noise limiting measures to their gear when they have to treat a single item only. They can do this for a far lower cost.

A guessing game

Companies also have a habit of guessing which objects are responsible for the noise issues. They are usually incorrect too. Due to this, they spend a lot of money and time on noise resolutions that supply little to zero sound depletion. They may get the wrong industrial silencer design entirely.
It is possible to avoid wasting time and money like this. What you must do is perform a diagnostic noise survey beforehand. With one, you can establish which equipment, machine, blower, or fan is the primary source of noise. Therefore you can choose a solution with the right focus.


Some surveys make use of advanced noise analysis and measurement gear. This is alongside the substantial expertise and experience of the testers. They can do more than pinpoint the source however. You can use them to determine how much sound reduction you require for everything as well. This lets you tailor the noise suppressing treatment accurately. Expect massive cost savings from this.
At Ventx, we make certain that clients have the right silencers for their facilities. This way, they don’t end up spending unnecessary amounts of time and money on something that doesn’t work. We have years of experience and access to top of the range noise modelling software. As a result, you can expect a great service.
If you would like to do business with the top people specialising in industrial silencer design, please contact us. We can provide the perfect solution.