The basics of noise

Noisy industrial facilities are a problem for a number of reasons. Because of this, you must have appropriate measures in place to deal with the sounds. We can assist you by providing the finest steam vent silencers you have ever seen. These may not be your everyday items. However, we see to it that they are available when you need them.
We usually define noise as being sound that we don’t want. Your standard noise issue will include three elementary components. These are the noise source, the receiver, and the path.

Classifying noise

Something else you should know about noise is that we can classify it in two separate forms. They are structure-borne and airborne.
The first travels from a source to a receiver. It does so as a shift in atmospheric pressure. Additionally, it moves in every direction.
Structure-borne on the other hand is undesired vibration. This transmits from a vibrating source and goes to a receiver via a solid material. Then, it regenerates as airborne noise.
Eventually, you will identify the three primary elements of noise in your facility. When you do, you can control the levels using various methods. These include vibration isolation, damping, barriers, and blocking.


Probably the single worst contributor to noise is a lack of maintenance. Equipment shall become inefficient sooner or later if you don’t maintain it. One sign of this is noise. Typical noise producers and energy wasters are steam leaks and slipping belts. Others include worn gears/bearings and compressed air leaks. You should also watch out for unbalances in rotating and reciprocating striking parts. Insufficient lubrication on parts can cause trouble too.
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