Reducing the noise in power generation plants

Industrial noise pollution is an issue that many facilities put up with. It is common for this to lead to physical symptoms like hearing trouble. Nobody should have to put up with this however. In fact, you don’t have to. We make certain of it by providing an array of silencers, including a steam boiler silencer.

Noisy plants

Power plants are a vital part of modern society. Without them the infrastructure would be very different. There are lots of types of power plant, from smaller structures owned by people to large scale industrial establishments. The development of economies and technology is responsible for the increase in the number of plants around the world.
The goal with creating more plants is to supply the huge amount of power that consumers need. However, there is a problem of noise pollution. Their operation can be very noisy and cause problems for people, communities, and wildlife. Anyone working at the plant may be at serious risk due to spending so much time in the noisy environments.
Thankfully, innovations mean there are lots of ways to limit some of the noise pollution. This includes by using silencers and soundproofing. Common sources of noise in power plants include motors, turbines, compressors, and steam boilers. Luckily we can design a silencer to suit each of these.

The dangers to workers

As we said above, the workers in a plant have the highest risk of injury because of the noise. In addition to hearing trouble, they can suffer psychological stress. Unhappiness and neurobehavioral changes are other possibilities. Some may not manifest straight away, but they can do with time. As you can see, it is vital to install noise suppression as soon as possible.

Designing bespoke silencers

At Ventx, we match our silencers to the applications very carefully. We do this using first rate acoustic modelling software. It analyses your systems so we can find the perfect silencer for it. So, whether you have a power plant, a manufacturing facility or even an office with a noisy air con unit, we can help you.
If you need a steam boiler silencer or another product, please contact us. We can take your specs and design the right product.