Guidelines to choosing the right soundproofing materials

Controlling noise levels is something a lot of facilities have to deal with. However, you must ensure that the measures you use match the application. Our company does this by using acoustic modelling software. It analyses your systems so we can design and build the perfect model. This includes the autoclave silencer and others.
Silencers are a vital part of soundproofing. This is the process where you stop the sound from leaving or entering a certain area. You do so by mitigating and/or absorbing the noise.
You are free to introduce a silencer in plethora of situations. Many of these include sites using heavy machinery, studios, offices, and private homes. For your methods to work however, you need to use the right materials in your designs. There are some guidelines you have to follow here.

Source and level

Firstly, you should think about the source and level of the noise. The amount of sound present shall go quite the way in helping you choose what substances to use. For the slightest sounds, special soft foams can work to suck up the noise. Noise that comes from heavy-duty apparatus is different though. This may demand the use of insulators.

Maintenance and installation

How easy it is to maintain and install a material is also important here. When selecting your materials, it is wise to choose those that are not hard to work with. You will waste less time this way. If you have to spend too long doing work on them, your business could lose money.

Why soundproof?

It is wise to ask yourself why you are soundproofing as well. In picking the correct materials, you should understand your purpose for why you are doing the soundproofing work. For instance, you may want to avoid materials that keep the sound out.

Designing every kind of silencer

At Ventx, we assist a wide array of clients so they obtain the most suitable silencers. Some ask us for an autoclave silencer and others request vastly different models. Whatever, your specs, we will be able to aid you.
Contact us today if you have an issue with noise and want us to tackle it for you.