All About Our Inline Silencers

Here at Ventx, we specialise in silencer design for a range of industries, and over our many years of existence, we have built up a great list of clients. Today, we are going to turn our attention to our inline silencers, looking at the problem that these types of silencers solve, the options available to you, and providing more details about our service.
The Problem
When looking at silencer solutions, the problem may be that whilst the noise attenuation measures deal with noise produced by exhaust and venting devices, noise pollution is still being created through power generation or other processes at an intermediate stage. Your team and any visitors will be exposed to this noise, and this is an even bigger problem when working in such an environment for long periods of time, or on a regular basis.
The Solution
By implementing the use of inline silencers, you are dealing with noise created by gas flow within ducting or other conduits. This solution means that when a flow of gas that passes through a chamber or junction (or from one diameter or pipe to another), which would otherwise produce unwanted noise, balances within the system, removing the noise at the source.
The Options
Our inline silencers make use of the same elements of design as a vent silencer
, with the main concern being to reduce the vibration, which thereby reduces the valve noise. For this purpose, there are two options to select from when considering inline applications, including control valve silencers and direct inline silencers. Control valve silencers offer a drop in pressure or back pressure, combining a diffuser design with an absorptive section, in conjunction with a control valve. On the other hand, direct inline silencers create as little pressure loss as possible, and use only the absorptive section. Both types can be used in pressurised systems to an appropriate pressure design code. We always provide silencer inlets designed and manufactured with reference to a design code in order to provide a required back pressure and select the correct valve.
Bespoke Service
At Ventx, we custom-build your inline silencer system to produce the best performance possible for your environment. We start with an acoustic analysis, where we record the noise levels and their frequencies. If not an already existing facility, we can also use your specifications and model the acoustic properties of the proposed installation through our computer software. Once the design of your inline silencer is finalised, we manufacture it from long strand fibreglass acoustic packing as the absorption material. This makes up the core of the product, which is then supplied in a custom-fabricated inline silencer housing, or used to be inserted into your already existing pipework.
Contact Us
For more information about our inline silencers at Ventx, please get in touch through our online contact form, or email us at Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our staff directly by calling us on +44 (0)1923 238397. We will be happy to discuss your requirements for an inline silencer and answer any queries you may have for us.