All About Our Vent Silencer Design

A vent silencer is a product that is designed to decrease the level of noise made when high-pressure gas or steam is expanded into the atmosphere. The noise is a result of the rapid turbulence of the mixing gas jet and energy release of the compressed gas. The noise is at the greatest level at the expansion across the valve, which is emitted at the stack opening. The vent silencer is placed at the exit in order to reduce the noise being produced. Today at Ventx, we’re going to focus on the design aspect of our available vent silencers.
How Does a Vent Silencer Function?
The ability to reduce the noise levels through the vent silencer operates on two main principles. The first is the concept of absorption, as high-frequency audible noise can be reduced through the use of a sound-absorbing material. The second is the use of a reactive section to attenuate the low frequencies to provide a broad noise reduction.
Where Can Vent Silencers be Used?
Many different industries can make use of vent silencers, including power generation, waste treatment, manufacturing, and many more industries. What they have in common is he process of transferring gas under pressure, be this air, steam, or another type of chemical. You can take a look at our client list, where you can see the companies we have worked with all over the globe.
Why Is Vent Silencer Design Important?
It is important that your vent silencer is properly designed as they have a critical role to play in true noise reduction and it may otherwise fail to provide the necessary attenuation, which would result in inadequate sound damping. On the other hand, it could also modify the sound inefficiently. Not only does this mean that the performance of the equipment is not up to scratch, but it also could result in unnecessary expenditure.
How Are Ventx Silencers Designed?
As industry specialists, leading the way in silencer design in the UK, we believe that the process is highly scientific, applying the latest innovations in technology to our designs methods. Providing a bespoke service for our clients, we evaluate your process data in order to use the vital information to match your requirements. Without this data, we can alternatively gain an accurate idea of the by-products by surveying your facilities and taking measurements. Advanced computer software is used to model the acoustic properties of the system as it stands, which then enables us to produce the most suitable exhaust silencer design. Vent silencers don’t need to be vertical, so we are able to offer our clients both horizontal and vertical designs. Whether your manufacturing or treatment process is in the design stage already, or you are thinking of upgrading your systems, with Ventx silencers, you are in safe hands.
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