Managing breakout noises

Silencers are the ultimate way of keeping the noise down inside industrial facilities. You may require one for your discharge vent. If so, you can come to us for a suitable model. We supply all sorts of different styles. Using our state of the art software, we make sure you walk away with the right ones.
Sometimes, sound is able to pass through the ductwork’s walls and the silencer’s casing. This is what we call breakout noise. There are numerous details that can contribute to the volume of noise that can break out of your casing. This includes the size and shape of your silencer. The gauge of the casing material is also important. The degree of acoustic media that is in your walls is another vital detail.


You will want to restrict the amount of breakout noise your HVAC system produces. When attempting to do this, position your silencer as close to the noise source as possible. This shall enable it to attenuate the sound before it has an opportunity to move through your duct system.

Removing airborne sound

You might have to remove airborne sound that was created by fans and similar gear located within a mechanical room. If so, the perfect location for your silencer here would be straddling your room. Such a location eliminates the sound generated by the equipment once it vacates the room. This itself eliminates the problem of breakout noise in areas where people are working.
At Ventx, we assist countless companies by providing them with our merchandise. Many of them actually find it essential to use silencers to adhere to the country’s environmental standards. As a result, we can’t afford to get the design wrong when working for them. We work hard to make sure every product, including silencers for each discharge vent, are perfect.
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