Navigating work meetings with hearing loss

Industrial noise pollution isn’t something you want to put up with. Depending on the sound level, even short term exposure can lead to problems like hearing loss. Ours is a business that helps with this issue. To do so, we supply blow off silencer equipment and several other models. They will keep the decibels lower and productivity higher.

One of the troubles with hearing loss is that it can make partaking in work meetings difficult. People may struggle to follow presentations or conversations in big rooms or smaller, noisier ones. By planning in advance, you can minimise some of the communication barriers. As a result, you will be able to participate more efficiently. Let’s go over some tips you can use to manage meetings when you have hearing problems.

Arriving early

Firstly, getting there early enables you to get yourself situated. If there is going to be a speaker present who you’ve not met before, make the introductions. Let them know you suffer from hearing loss too, if you are comfortable doing so. Tell them how they can best help you. This way, the speaker will be aware of your needs and can make the necessary adjustments. For those that use hearing aids with directed microphones, you will have time to set them up.

Pick the right seat

You also need to select your seat thoughtfully. You need to sit where you can see the speakers clearly. Here, you will have an easier time reading their facial expressions and lips if you need to. If it’s a round table meeting with individuals you know, sit across from or next to those who you think it will be hard to hear from. For auditoriums, think about sitting closer to the front of the room. In addition, keep away from sources of background noise.


Lastly, some speakers could provide written notes if you ask ahead of time. You will be able to use them to get a sense of the topic they are discussing. It will reinforce the details you hear during the presentation. Some larger companies could have note-takers. They will jot down everything. After the meeting is over, you can request a copy of the notes.

Making spaces quieter with blow off silencer equipment and more

Hearing loss is a serious issue that can cause many inconveniences and serious problems. Employers have an obligation to think of the health and safety aspect of loud noise. They should work to mitigate the sound when it is dangerously loud for short or long term exposure. The best way to do that is to use silencers. They can fit to noisy machinery, HVAC systems, and more. It will make workspaces quieter and safer.

At Ventx, we have been designing high quality silencers for over a decade. We use our 35 years of quality manufacturing experience as well as 40 years of acoustic knowledge to get the jobs done. Our people are able to create blow off silencer models that tick all the right boxes. There are many more silencers we can provide too, including options for vents and more.

So, if you need help with noise, talk to us today. Our solutions can reduce the risk of people suffering hearing loss and other problems.