An introduction to industrial boiler blow downs

People use different methods to try and combat the noise in their work areas. Some are more effective than others are. Using a blow down silencer, as well as other designs, is one of the best options. We are an establishment that designs, makes, and installs these critical utensils. With them in place, you will have a more comfortable and safer workspace.

Boilers are crucial to the operation of countless industrial and large commercial facilities. You need them for heating and other applications such as controlling water chemistry and supplying steam. However, there are potential issues just like with smaller domestic appliances. Most of them come because of undesired impurities in the boiler water. They can cause unnecessary operating conditions. This includes the deterioration of instruments and values, as well as noises like popping.

What you likely need here is boiler blow down. It can preserve the correct water chemistry by getting rid of impurities and deposits. This will aid you in running an efficient and safe operation. What we are going to do is explain what a boiler blow down is, some methods of doing it, and types.

What is it?

Boiler blow down is a procedure where you remove water from the system. This helps to eradicate sludge, suspended soils, and impurities. It is important for managing water parameters. It also helps to prevent the risk of blockages.

The level of blow down you need relates directly to the quality of water that is going into the boiler. Keep in mind that the better your water purity, the less blow down you need. This is because the level of minerals will be lower as quality increases.

An important thing to keep in mind here is the process can create a lot of noise. So, you may need a blow down silencer to reduce the volume.

Blow down methods

There are two separate approaches you can use to do a boiler blow down. These are automatic and manual. The majority of operators know about the latter strategy. It demands the operation of controls and valves to get water out of the system or boiler. You need to do this every time.

However, there are systems you can put into place to automatically do these tasks at the right intervals. Automation can be very useful because it means you don’t need the human input.


To finish, we will talk about the available types of boiler blow down. There are three main options.

The first is surface or continuous where you remove from the top of the water level.

Secondly is bottom blow down, also known as intermittent. This is the most common option, and removes from the base of the boiler to get rid of impurities.

Finally is water column. This is often the forgotten method, but it is still crucial. It involves the blow down of the water column, gauge glass, and any pipes or valves here. These are used for measuring the water level, so it is important they are free of impurities.

Talk to us if you need a blow down silencer

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