Minimise oil and gas industry noise with silencers and maintenance

Industrial noise is a major issue that can cause harm to people and the environment. This kind of noise is not something you can take lightly because the damage it can cause could potentially be permanent. At Ventx, we know all about the risks and work to help clients make their operations less noisy. To do so, we supply first class industrial silencer products.

Oil and gas distribution, refinement, and acquisition are not straightforward. They demand the efforts of multiple complex plant networks. Some of these create a harmful level of noise. High decibel levels will have a negative impact on the surrounding area. Also, exposure hurts those workers who do their jobs near the noise sources. Exposing people to it can result in unnecessary long term health effects. They can deteriorate the workers’ quality of life.

Limiting the hours of operation for loud blowdowns will make things quieter. But you will require more measures to safeguard your workers. If you want to know how you can limit noise in the oil and gas industry, continue reading.

Start using silencers

One option you have here is to install an industrial silencer or a suite of them. They can address noise as gases travel through the oil and gas processing network. Ideally you will need them at vents, blowdown stacks, and safety valves. You may also want to look at compressors, fans, and other noisy equipment too.

The silencers will tackle high-velocity and high-temperature gas before it has a chance to leave. This will lessen its pressure when it exits. Because of this, any emission will generate less noise.


Having silencers is a great start but you also need to maintain your systems. To lower noise more effectively in the industry, you can implement noise-mitigating policies. These should include a maintenance and replacement schedule.

For instance, changing compressor fans more often can make them less noisy. With time parts in the system can suffer with wear and tear. This includes bearings and the blades. In some cases the wear will result in system complications. For example, it may make the fan blades spin inefficiently, generating more turbulence. That can lead to more noise.

To prevent issues like this, stay on top of your maintenance duties. Plus, make sure you replace parts before they harm systems.

Speak to us any time you need an industrial silencer

At Ventx, we have been working in silencer design for a long time. We have decades of experience in acoustics and engineering. As a result, we have the skills to provide the exact silencers you require. In addition, we use special acoustic modelling software. This allows us to more accurately come up with solutions for every individual facility.

You will find we deliver the most reliable industrial silencer products in the UK. We then provide ongoing support. So, if there is anything we can do for you, please get in touch.