Managing noises created by industrial fans

The law requires that owners of industrial facilities try to keep the noise levels down so they do not harm the environment. This has been an issue for many years. Lots of companies fail at this goal because they lack the right equipment. Luckily we are here to change all that. Our business can provide reliable silencers, including models like the blow down silencer and several other designs.

Noisy fans

Industrial fans can generate a lot of noise. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are; the sound originating from the fan is one of the main sources of noise within an industrial plant. The intensity and magnitude vary depending on certain elements. This includes things like rotational speed, static pressure, airflow, and also the horsepower.
Fans typically supply a huge amount of air at relatively low static pressures. Normally, you would measure this in inches of water. Due to the rotation of the vanes, they produce a broad noise spectrum. Yet, sounds in the mid to high frequency range are usually louder. As a result, you need to tackle the situation using noise control measures.

An absorptive design

Usually, you use silencers at the discharge and intake of fans. This is for treating airborne noise. The silencers here tend to require an absorptive kind of design. They need this because they are known to offer superior attenuation in the mid to high frequency range. At frequencies above and below this, the effectiveness reduces progressively.
You achieve noise management here via absorption. The acoustic energy spreading through your silencer ends up getting absorbed into the medium. Then it is converted into energy.
At Ventx, we make it a point to match silencers to the application. This is the only way they are going to be able to do their job correctly. In addition to the blow down silencer design, we can provide you with direct line and gas ejector models. There are many others in our collection too. Therefore, we are confident we can supply what you need.
Contact us today if you would like to know more; we are proud to work closely with clients so they get the best results.