Managing turbulence from compressed air

Our focus is manufacturing first-rate industrial silencers. We produce various designs as opposed to just one. This way, we can meet the distinct requirements of every customer. Designs we specialise in include inline, gas ejector, and direct line, but we can cater for almost any application.
Blowing using compressed air systems can prove troublesome. It is a common cause of sudden and extreme noise levels. The abrupt blowing noises manifest once the air expands out from the system. It’s unwise to let this occur unchecked because it creates turbulence, causing more noise. To avoid disturbing people working in the area or putting their wellbeing at risk, it is wise to look at reducing the sounds.

Two kinds of sound

There are two varieties of sounds to address. The first pops up when you use the air for sorting, transportation, cooling, and cleaning. The second is what we call impulse noise. It appears when you vent valves. Both noises demand solutions that can help with controlling the turbulence.

Valve silencing

Whilst venting valves, you should install a silencer to minimise the noise. This is a simple yet effective solution to the issue.
If you do use a silencer you need to remember that they can end up clogging. As a result it can cause downtime and higher operational costs. Therefore, it’s essential that you have a proactive maintenance plan. In addition you should replace any silencers that are too far gone. This will make it easier for you to continue with your standard operations.
At Ventx, we fashion all of our silencers using the highest quality materials available. This goes a long way to ensuring that your investment will last. Whatever type you need, whether it is inline or any other, we can provide a bespoke product for you.
If you’d like our assistance, please contact us. When you email us, include your target noise level and process data. We will then be able to supply you with a quotation.