How many fan silencer designs exist?

There is a lot that can go wrong due to industrial noise pollution. It’s our job to keep these issues from happening. We do so by supplying top tier industrial silencer designs. Our silencers can minimise the noise coming from a myriad of sources. This includes fans, duct work, generators, compressors, and multiple forms of machinery.

Industrial fans are rotating devices. They circulate air and supply ventilation for plants and other properties. Whether large or small, the design of such fans enables them to generate noise. This is normally above the recommended decibel level in a manufacturing environment. Luckily, there are silencers to help mitigate it. They offer noise attenuation when put at the outlet or inlet of a fan.

Similar to other industrial contraptions, the fan’s performance depends on certain factors. This includes whether they are suitably sized for a certain application. In this post, we want to talk about some of the basics of these fan silencers. Specifically, we’re going to discuss the different kinds that exist.

Rectangular silencers

These are designed to suit rectangle ductwork in a cost efficient way. Such silencers provide high sound attenuation as well as low-pressure losses. Furthermore, you can stack them into huge banks. This removes the costly transmissions you can find in other silencer variants.

Elbow silencers

This type is preferable for applications with little space. Also, you can use them when there is very high insertion loss and moderate pressure drops. The models come with elbow baffle passages, which limit pressure loss. Furthermore, you configure them to match most duct sizes without using transitions.

Axial fan silencers

You can apply these to axial fans. Also, they are engineered to supply sound attenuation at the source. They enhance aerodynamic performance at the outlet and inlet of the fan.

Circular silencers

These models are meant for maximum attenuation with low pressure drop. They are preferable when you use round ductwork. In addition, they eradicate the demand for square-to-round. These are ones that produce unwanted pressure loss.

Speak to us to get the right industrial silencer

At Ventx, we’ve had the chance to work with an extensive list of clients to meet their noise reduction needs. Thanks to our wide range of silencer designs, we help people working in a myriad of environments. Our silencers keep staff and visitors safe. Also, users can meet the UK environmental standards.

So, if you need our help to create an industrial silencer, please get in touch. We have the experience to deliver the best style for any situation. This could be a brand new facility or one that has been operational for a long time.