Hammer noise – A major issue with steam boilers

Noise pollution coming from industrial facilities can cause a host of issues. This is the case for those working inside them and the surrounding environment. We provide tools like our steam boiler silencer to keep noise levels to a minimum. They keep everyone happy and healthy, no matter what side of the fence they are on.

Steam boilers are known to make a multitude of noises at times. However, it does not mean they should be making these sounds. A properly maintained and installed boiler system should in fact be a quiet one. The sound could indicate there is a problem.

Water hammer noise is an issue that appears every so often with the boilers. Right now, you are likely wondering why it happens. That is what we are going to talk about here.

Fail steam traps

These traps are crucial in two-pipe steam boiler systems. Their purpose is to divide the water from the steam. They do so by trapping the latter in the radiators and enabling the fluid to flow into the returns. When the traps fail, steam is able to freely move through the return pipes that are full of water. This permits water and steam to mingle in the same pipe. The result is water hammer noise.

Pipe insulation trouble

Another cause of the noise is insulation problems. If you don’t insulate the pipes it can end up with the steam cooling back to water prior to it reaching the radiators. It makes water and steam prevalent within the mains, so it can generate a water hammer sound.

Dirty boiler water

It is important to ensure that water inside a steam boiler is free of debris, grease, or oil. Filthy water leads to uneven steam distribution. Moreover, the fluid can get carried up the steam mains. What this does is produce “wet” steam within them. It can cause water level fluctuation and hammer noise.

An incorrect water line

Every boiler manufacturer will recommend a water line you should stick to. This is to guarantee that dry steam can go to the mains. Too much water results in the boiler flooding. It prevents the steam from “drying” and will result in noise.

A steam boiler silencer can make things quieter

At Ventx, we understand that industrial silencers benefit both workers and site visitors. At the same time, we know that they are needed to follow the UK environmental standards. The right solutions can lower the noise to provide benefits to all stakeholders.

What we do to help here is design our silencers to ensure they are the highest quality. We then install them with care if you need us to. So, if you want a steam boiler silencer or a different model, please talk to us. We’ll work with you to ensure the best results for your facility.