Benefits of removable insulation blankets

Controlling noise levels is much easier with the right equipment and materials. Firstly, you have to get your hands on suitable products. To do that, you need to work with a team specialising in silencing. Ventx is one of the leaders when it comes to industrial silencer design. We have been in this field for years, providing various clients with the correct designs. We can also offer advice about other acoustic solutions.

Noisy, hot exhausts

Exhaust systems have the potential to generate a huge amount of noise. They carry sound pollution from engines and other loud machines. Consequently, we install industrial silencers to lower the ambient noise. They stop it from spreading to the surrounding environment.

However, silencers can produce heat as part of their operation and may need a solution. Insulation blankets for them help lower the surface temperature. This creates an overall lower level of heat in the surrounding environment. Such silencer blankets result in a safer work setting for employees. It can be wise for areas around exhausts, engines, and other high heat, high decibel gear.

What we want to do here is talk about some of the general advantages to using them. That way, you can see why you should get some if you choose bespoke industrial silencer design.

More workplace safety

For one thing, they improve workplace safety. Eradicating every hazard from your workspace is impossible. But, you can take steps to lower the danger of common injuries by using these covers. They create a barrier between the hot equipment and the employees. This helps to ensure people won’t get burned if there is accidental contact. The blankets lower ambient temperatures too by managing heat. It can make the whole area safer.

Simplifying maintenance

Secondly, they are able to facilitate routine maintenance. Removable insulation blankets make it easier to pinpoint possible equipment issues before they get worse. Leaving them alone may cost you a lot of money later. You can perform effective and periodic examinations easily here. Then you can do the maintenance to fix each issue.

Simple to install

Finally, installation is very easy. The blankets wrap around the key component, whether it is an exhaust or a piece of equipment. They normally use lacing wire fastenings for superior versatility. Other options include springs, velcro, snaps, and straps. So, you can choose the best option for any need.

Ask us about industrial silencer design solutions

At Ventx, we have more than a decade of experience with silencers. Our team builds on 35 years of quality manufacturing knowledge and 40 years of acoustic expertise. Putting together everything we know, we are able to create solutions for a wide range of industries. This includes manufacturing, service and petro-chem.

So, if you need our industrial silencer design service, please let us know. We can work with you from the outset of a project, handling initial designs. Or, you can speak to us if you need to retrofit.