Designing silencers to suit the type of gas you vent

Releasing high pressure gases to the atmosphere creates some very loud noises. As a result there are a number of health and safety regulations to observe. These protect people on the site, anyone in the nearby areas, and the environment. There are rules regarding where you can place a discharge vent and what you need to do if the noise is too excessive. In many cases it may be necessary to install silencers to reduce the sounds to a less hazardous level.

Noise levels can differ dramatically

One thing industrial operators need to keep in mind is that the type of gas they are venting can have a big impact on the amount of noise. The sounds can differ greatly with different gases. This is because they don’t have the same molecular weight and specific gravity.

The most important fact to remember is that the lighter the gas is, the noisier it will be. So if you compare natural gas to air, the latter is always heavier and therefore won’t be as noisy to vent.

Another thing that has you need to think about is the temperature. This can have a big impact on the lightness of the gases and the amount of noise they will produce. For example, steam is lighter than air if the latter is cooler than 162 degrees Celsius. When it exceeds this temperature though, it becomes lighter. All gases lose density as their temperatures increase.

Designing a discharge vent silencer

Ventx is proud to support industrial clients who have issues with certain types of noise. We can help with various things, including reducing the sounds that come from various types of vent and blowdown stacks. Our goal here is to deliver bespoke silencers that will bring the noise down to an acceptable level.

Clients rely on us because we have a wealth of experience and give them all the support they need. Most importantly our service is always bespoke. This is because we appreciate that every process is unique. Therefore it is never a case of fitting a standard silencer to a system. The silencers must be unique to tackle the problem. We design them so this is the case, making sure they fit the application perfectly.

So, if you need a discharge vent silencer for any kind of gas line, please contact us. We can deliver the perfect product for you.