Attenuators and silencers have many designs and applications

Limiting the noise in industrial environments is tricky. However, we supply the equipment to do the job. This includes top tier attenuators and silencers. You can use them to help with loud machinery and systems. These are things like fans, generators, and compressors.

Lots of potential applications

For years, people have used silencers and attenuators for a number of things in a wide array of industries. They come in various shapes and sizes to allow this. Each type also has specific uses.

Cylindrical and rectangular

You use these to lower the sound in air moving applications. For example, they are good for ventilation and air con systems. Others would be blower and fan outlets and inlets. Motor controlling fans and dust control equipment can also use them.
Both of the models are absorptive. The cylindrical one is insulated using acoustic infill. In addition, a central pod can enhance the attenuation if the client needs to cut noise even more. As for the rectangular one, they employ absorptive splitters to minimise the sound.

Gas blow-off and steam

You can use these two designs on pressure relief valves, safety and similar vent outlets. This is for steam and gases such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. In many cases, blow-off silencers have both an absorptive and reactive component.

Compressor and blower

These often have a mixture of absorptive as well as reactive components. In other cases, they simply have the latter. Usually, you use them on discharge and/or inlet runs. This is to lower the airborne sound they release.
At Ventx, we have more than a decade of experience with industrial silencers and attenuators. We are able to use it to provide every client with practical and cost effective solutions. The team is also always here to offer you advice when you require it.
We have all the skills to design, build and install equipment that can reduce noise. If we can be of assistance to you, please get in touch.