All About Our Silencer Configuration

At Ventx, we are on a mission to bring our customers the very latest in industrial silencer design.  This means exploring every avenue of silencer design and construction, and matching each application with the most appropriate setup.  As a result, Ventx Silencers have remained at the forefront of industrial silencer technology for the last three decades.
Biscuits, cakes and bread – all these products are made with the many of the same basic ingredients, but they are combined in different ways to achieve different results.  Exhaust silencer design is similar; silencer design companies use the same materials and components over and over again in their products, but it’s the way these components are set up and installed which endows each model with its individual characteristics.  As a result, we can fine tune every silencer to provide optimum performance in its particular application.  Silencer configuration is therefore a crucial consideration in the commissioning of any industrial equipment which will necessitate some form of noise attenuation.
On the face of things, vent silencer design may seem like a relatively simple issue, as certain common types of silencer are widely accepted to be best suited to particular purposes.  For example, control valve silencers are designed to limit the noise produced by the venting valve of a pressurised system.  A carefully designed diffuser in conjunction with acoustically absorptive material moderates the pressure in order to reduce the level of sound when the control valve opens.  Contrast this with direct silencers, which are also installed in-line but rely on an acoustic core for attenuation.  These two silencer types may appear similar to the untrained eye, but in reality there are many subtle but key differences which distinguish, not just the different models available, but even examples of the same model which have been manufactured to a slightly different specification.  The upshot of this is that a silencer cannot be relied upon to provide optimum performance – or even to be effective – unless it is carefully configured and matched to the intended application.
Ventx have over forty years of experience in the field of acoustic design, and we put this expertise to work in the development of bespoke silencers for any situation.  Key to the Ventx process is our unique computer software which allows us to produce optimised blueprints for all types of units.  We thus remove the trial-and-error from the process of silencer design.  We can create installations which we know will meet our customers’ requirements exactly, in terms of physical dimensions, level of attenuation, pressure code, and so on.  It is this specialist knowledge which has established Ventx as leading providers of industrial silencer solutions to national and international companies across a range of industries.
The legislation covering the environmental effects of industry is strict, but this is by necessity – none of us would want to return to the conditions of the industrial revolution.  By enlisting the help of experts in silencer configuration, companies can meet their legal obligations and maintain the character of their surroundings too.