Think before you install a vent silencer

Everyone who works in a noisy environment wants to reduce the sounds that distract and potentially even harm them. However, it is important they use the most effective means to do so. We are a company that supplies the products to effectively cut the noise. Our team can design and fabricate an appropriate vent silencer or attenuator to suit your needs.

Noisy HVAC systems

There is one common complaint that people have about HVAC systems; how noisy they are. In some cases, the sounds are telling you that you must fix something. For the majority of scenarios though, the noise is due to standard operations. HVAC specialists have an opportunity here but many of them aren’t taking advantage of it. This would be to use a bespoke silencer. However, if they do want to use this equipment, there are some things to consider about the installation.


With HVAC silencer installation, location is essential. Many factors go into choosing the areas that will result in the best suppression. This includes how quiet the spaces must be and the kind of silencer you have.

Breakout noise

There is one vital thing to remember when you look at the structure’s specific limits and needs too. This would be the concept of breakout noise. It is important because there could be noises that get into your rooms regardless of whether you dampen most of it with a vent silencer.

Air pressure and noise control

Another big consideration is the link between air pressure and noise control. Most HVAC silencers include baffles, which have a number of air pockets. Once sound encounters them the molecules smack together. Then, the energy transforms from sound into heat. In certain conditions, the baffles can generate back pressure. This lowers the efficiency of the fan pushing the airstream. You will want to find a way to keep it going.
At Ventx, we have more than a decade of experience in silencer design. Therefore, you can expect your vent silencer to meet your expectations. We take care with designs and always test products to make sure they function to a great standard.
If you would like to find out how effective our silencers are for yourself, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.