Attenuation has helped greatly with diesel generators

Noise pollution is a hazard because it negatively impacts people in many ways. A potential solution is to use attenuators or silencers to reduce sounds to acceptable levels. We help in this area by offering state of the art devices. They will meet your needs and fit in with your systems.

Try asking a civil engineering or construction employee what has changed the most over the last few decades. They will likely say it is the noise. For some, this will be a surprising fact. However it is true that many sites have become a bit quieter. A number of things can reduce the noise here, but one of the main ones is modern generators.

Using generators

People in these industries often depend on diesel generators. They provide inexpensive, steady power when they work on sites that may not have access to mains electric. When you look at a site, you can spot all kinds of things that require power. It could be lights, signs, worker facilities, or tools. None of this would be possible without a generator. But modern ones are different to older models. They are now more efficient and offer lots of other benefits.

Interestingly, modern generators can be quieter and more pleasant to work with. The attenuators on most work by separating the diesel generator. They do so by using an acoustic enclosure. This lets them receive the air they require but dampen most of the noise.

Different sounds

Something you have to understand about the generators is that each one has its own unique sound. One could be higher while another has a lower pitch. Most are complicated mixes of distinct pitches. An attenuator must be made to ensure it can effectively reduce the generator’s noise.

Talk to us about using attenuators

The products we create at Ventx are able to benefit you in many ways. They can of course keep people safe from loud sounds. Something else they can do however is help you in adhering to the UK environmental standards. This is important for all kinds of industries, from construction to power generation.

So, if your site is in need of our bespoke solutions like attenuators, feel free to speak to us. We use acoustic software to ensure every product we make will perform to a high standard. Plus, we can offer ongoing support and advice.