An attenuator is an excellent choice for ventilation and industrial systems

If you have an industrial facility, one of your goals may be to limit the amount of noise. To succeed, you must have the right tools. Fortunately, we are here to help you with this task. We can provide you with an attenuator and a plethora of other silencing products.
Attenuators are necessary for restricting the sounds in ventilation systems. This includes discharge stacks and HVAC set ups. With the latter in particular, you need an attenuator. They lower the noises coming from turbulent air flows and fans. They can make certain that the sounds don’t go above the room’s speed noise rating level.
You can get attenuators in a myriad of models and sizes. Because of this, you can meet an array of requirements.


There are actually a number of benefits to using an attenuator. For example, it is possible to custom build them. This is useful because it allows the utensils to meet unique specifications. They can be made from numerous stainless steel grades to cater for various areas. Galvanised steel is another candidate. What you use will all depend on the application and environment.

Industrial processes

Attenuators can help with industrial processes as well. The thing about these procedures is that they can eject by-products into the air. In some cases this produces a lot of sound. As a result it can affect the nearby workers and even neighbours in other buildings. When you fit an industrial attenuator, discharge can continue but with less noise.
At Ventx, we don’t offer customers any old design and leave them be. This would not work. Instead, we use our resources to create an attenuator or silencer that is appropriate for your premises. We will see to it that everything fits perfectly so you get the best performance.
We design products for use in many areas and always set very high standards. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us.