The intricate details of vent silencers

To combat loud noises, you need silencers capable of doing the job. Not just any model will do. You need one specifically for your systems. We design steam vent silencer models and other styles. To do so, we use state of the art acoustic modelling software. Every single one we create is bespoke to suit the client’s needs. As a result, you will have a much easier time controlling the noise on your site.

Many vent silencers are individually designed to abolish noise. Said noises originate from the atmospheric discharges of steam and high pressure gases. You can use a silencer to lower this. What happens is that you install a silencer within the discharge line. Alternatively, it can be at the end of this line. It supplies you with noise limitation while releasing steam or gas.

Getting the most from your steam vent silencer

There is a way to get the most out of these silencers too. What you must do is design them so that they use two noise limiting techniques concurrently. These would be reactive and absorptive. In addition, it is preferable to have sound absorbing materials. This is as well as tuned reactive chambers.

Broadband attenuation

The silencer’s absorptive behaviour supplies users with broadband attenuation. Reactive behaviours are dictated by a mixture of changes in forced phase shifts as well as flow section. It offers you greater attenuation within the lower octave bands. Each technique makes contributions to greater noise reduction. This is over the whole audible frequency range.

Noise and gases enter the silencer via compact holes within a diffuser. This provides a weighting-shift that goes towards high frequencies. In addition, a successive expansion chamber offers reactive limiting of the low frequency elements of noise. Acoustic lining that goes to the expansion chamber manages the absorption of high frequency energy. Partially silenced noise and gases head through to multi tubular acoustic models next. Here, there is one last reduction.

Talk to us to design a silencer

At Ventx, the silencers we design will benefit you and your workers at your facilities. Furthermore, they are essential to ensure you comply with the UK’s environmental standards. We can offer models that will make sure you get the very best performance.

The next time you need a steam vent silencer, please contact us. We will share our expertise and then deliver the right products for you.