Silencers won’t work without the right measurements and operating conditions

We are well aware of the problems that can occur because of industrial noise pollution. To help minimise them, our team creates an array of silencers. These installations work to reduce the noise from a myriad of sources. We are even capable of supplying top quality steam vent silencer models to suit your needs.

If someone was to ask you what the most common kind of work injury is in the manufacturing industry, hearing loss may not come to mind. Despite that, it is a prevalent danger in this line of work. Numerous facilities utilise gear that creates damaging sound levels. They may even have noisy power sources such as generators or steam boilers. When said levels surpass 85 decibels, people can suffer permanent hearing loss.

To avoid such situations, it is wise to outfit your machines and equipment with silencers. When you install them correctly, they will allow everyone to work without the fear of hearing loss. However, improper installation can see your efforts and assets go to waste. To prevent it, we are going to talk a little about some of the most important details with the installations.


One detail you have to look at is the measurements. You must be aware of the size of the vent, exhaust, or tube you plan to install the silencer on. This is how you figure out the dimensions. Depending on your equipment, you can find out the needs according to maximum or constant flow. The silencer’s shape is also significant.

Operating conditions

You have to think about the operating conditions of the gear you are going to equip your silencer to. This includes factors like location, emission levels, and how often everyone uses the equipment. Without these factors, you can’t create the perfect product.

Choose a steam vent silencer or another model

At Ventx, we are aware of the physical, psychological, and environmental issues industrial noise can cause. In response, we use our acoustic modelling software to design the ideal silencers for every client. With the right features, our designs won’t compromise your systems.

So, if you need a steam vent silencer or any other model, feel free to call us. We have happy clients in countless industries, including various fields of manufacturing.