Silencer Configuration Blog

Ventx is a proud owner of over 40 years of acoustic knowledge combined with 30 years of quality manufacturing experience. This has provided us with the expertise in providing a high quality and effective silencing solution to the noise that can often pollute industrial environments that utilise pipework, plumbing and ventilation systems. You may not be aware of the existence of industrial silencer solutions, nor realise that you could benefit from utilising them in your workplace; today, we will outline the silencer configuration we offer, and demonstrate how it can be of benefit to you.
What is a silencer?
Pipe work that has substances, gas and steam flowing through it can produce uncomfortable and irritating noise. This can be a nuisance and distraction to your work day, which can ultimately limit your work performance and efficiency. By fitting one of our custom-built vent silencer designs, this noise can be curbed, reduced and significantly quietened, to make your professional experience a more pleasant one.
What service do we offer?
Noise is a particularly difficult sense to measure, as it can be hard to tell when something is quieter or louder than before. Our advanced computer software can pick up even the most subtle changes in noise, giving an accurate reading that will allow our team to fit you with the perfect silencer.
Our team begin by looking at the flow rate of the substance passing through your pipes; this allows us to measure the exact diameter required for fitting your ventilation system. This will also prevent erosion of the silencer over time, saving you time and costs in the long run. The length of the silencer you choose is dependent on how reduced you wish the noise to be.
We offer a number of different type of silencers, dependent on your specific needs. Gas ejector silencers are ideal for pipes with steam or hydrocarbon gas flowing through them, whereas direct line silencers absorb sound rather than compress it in order to curb noise pollution. We also offer control valve silencers, which vary the flow of the substance as it flows and leave your pipes and ventilators. Regardless of your infrastructure, at Ventx we can accustom to your needs.
Furthermore, we can work around the pre-existing structure of your pipe and ventilation systems. There is no need to worry about time consuming and costly plumbing works; our industrial silencer solutions can be inserted into the existing pipework, either as a whole unit or an acoustic core. The result is an absorbed and higher frequency, which is harder for human ears to hear and results in a less noticeable noise.
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If you have any questions or simply wish to talk to a member of our team, please feel free to contact us on our online contact form. Alternatively, you can reach us by telephone at +44 (0)1923 238397, or send us an email at Our team of knowledgeable and trustworthy professionals will be happy to help you in selecting your silencer configuration.