Maintain your silencers and pneumatic machines

Many industrial facilities must restrict the amount of noise they produce. You need certain pieces of equipment to do this. Even then, you must ensure that they have the right qualities. Our company can aid you here by supplying tailor made natural gas silencers.
Sometimes, you must fit silencers to pneumatic mechanisms. The equipment might have been in use for long periods. As a result, you may need to clean the exhaust port threads. Polluted exhaust air can meld with dirt and dust. When this happens it usually fills up the threads with a bulky paste. If you don’t clean the threads, your silencers can suffer damage during installation.

It’s beneficial to clean your silencers

The silencers themselves shall benefit from some exterior cleaning as well. You can attempt to clean pollutants deep within the silencing materials. However, only those models employing large pore membranes will see improvements.
You’re free to cleanse metal silencers using any solvent that’s commercially available. Some silencers use porous plastics like sintered polythene. It is unwise to clean them with solvents based on chlorinated hydrocarbons because they can cause extensive damage to the product.

The cleaning process

This cleaning approach demands that you soak your utensil in the solvent. Do this for five minutes. Next, you will have to do some scrubbing using a nylon or hard bristle brush. We don’t recommend using wire brushes here because they could harm your silencer. Once you’re done brushing, blow your silencer clear using clean compressed air.
At Ventx, we provide natural gas silencers as acoustic cores or as complete units. Something we’ve learned is that numerous companies find it mandatory to use silencers. This is so they can adhere to the UK’s environmental and health & safety standards. We are happy to supply equipment that will ensure they do just that.
Whatever your needs are, we shall supply you with a solution that offers great value. If there is anything you wish to speak to us about, please contact our business.