Noise pollution is an expensive problem

Noise pollution is a tricky thing to counter. Different machines produce differing levels of sound. The setting and actual use can also exacerbate it. We have a solution though; our high quality silencers. Ventx designs and manufactures all kinds of models to handle noisy conditions. They include our blow down silencer solutions and various others.

The huge costs of noise

Were you aware that noise pollution costs our economy roughly £20billion in health, social, and economic costs? At first, sound might seem like some unimportant invisible threat. However, the truth is that it is one of the biggest environmental causes of ill health. Air pollution is the only thing that beats it.

Just perk your ears up and you will discover that noise pollution is all around us. It could be the busy traffic on the streets or the bustling sound of people around you. You often can’t avoid it either. Surprisingly, the noises are so harmful that environmental noise causes roughly one million people to lose their lives each year. This is according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

A myriad of health issues and problems have links to noise pollution. Thus, you can observe a substantial negative impact to the world and economy. For instance, heart disease derived from daytime traffic sound exposure costs around £1,183m per annum.

Meanwhile, there is tinnitus from leisure/traffic noise and hearing loss coming from loud music. They cost £52m per year and £38m per year respectively. At the same time, night-time and daytime noise can lead to slower learning in kids. This a £252m cost per annum.

Extra costs with amenity

There are extra costs because of the loss of amenity too. We are referring to the conscious displeasure of everyone exposed to the sound. Situations like these include noises influencing house prices and the cost of reduction measures. Not to mention, there is sleep disturbance. Loss of amenity via noise pollution is roughly valued at £2-3b a year.

Research shows that individuals living close to roads or airports with lots of traffic report more headaches. Also, they take more sleeping pills and are more likely to get into accidents. This is because they are weary and may not get enough proper rest.

Noise pollution also has a negative impact on our productivity. This is though issues with communication, fatigue, and distraction. Such a loss of productivity amounts to around £2b annually.

Talk to us if you need a blow down silencer

At Ventx, we’ve worked with a large number of clients to tackle their various noise problems. Using the high quality equipment we design, we have been able to transform their workplaces. Thanks to us, they are now much more tolerable to be in for employees and visitors. Plus, the level of sound that escapes into the environment.

So, if there is anything we can do for you, whether it is a blow down silencer, vent silencers, diffusers, or other models, please let us know. We have experience from numerous noisy industries, ensuring clients can rely on us.