Noise in food processing and packaging

The food industry is one of the most important in the world. It needs to ensure there is enough supply to cater for demand. To do this there are a number of large operations to produce, manufacture, process, pack, and transport goods. An issue here is some of them can be very noisy. The loud sounds are hazardous to people and the environment. It may mean that businesses need to invest in solutions like industrial silencer products. What we want to look at in particular is noise in food processing and packaging.

Operational noise

The size and scale of equipment for processing and packaging food can make it very noisy. The speed also has a big impact on this. Conveying systems are a main culprit. They can generate a lot of noise because they need to move goods along very quickly to maximise efficiency.

The biggest risk is to people who need to work close to the equipment. They can find they are routinely spending hours in settings with very high noise levels. Without the right protection they could suffer hearing damage. In some cases it can be temporary, with a ringing in the ears. However, regular exposure or a single long period can make the damage permanent. It can cause tinnitus and even hearing loss.


There are a number of things operators can do here to improve safety. The first is to ensure that employees have suitable hearing protection. It is generally the easiest option but it does not directly tackle the noise; it will still be loud but people will hear it at a lower level. They need the right kind of protection and must wear it correctly at all times in the area.

Often the best option is to reduce the noise level itself. One way to do this is to use an industrial silencer. You can get models to attach to various pieces of equipment and systems. The right design will reduce the sound.

Another thing to do is ensure systems take power from the mains. It is difficult to do this in some facilities because of the layout and infrastructure. That can lead to operators using generators instead. However, they can be particularly noisy. It is better to wire in to the mains.

Sometimes the best option is to upgrade the processing and packaging equipment itself. Older systems, especially conveyors, can be very loud. However, newer ones can have operational noise levels of around 70dB(A). That is nicely below the 85dB(A) danger level.

Talk to us if you need an industrial silencer

Ventx has the skills, knowledge, and facilities to provide first rate noise control products. We support clients across the UK, including noisy industries like food, manufacturing, and more. Our priority is safety, but the solutions we offer can also improve operations. For example, addressing noise from vibrations can lower maintenance costs and boost efficiency.

If you would like to look at the options for an industrial silencer and the benefits, please contact us. We are happy to advise and can devise a solution for you.