How can silencers protect sensitive equipment?

Noise is a huge problem in various industries. It is a major hazard, especially when the level exceeds safe parameters. One single extremely loud sound could cause serious harm to people in the vicinity. Exposure to noises for an extended period can also have the same impact. So, it is important to tackle it. Ventx can help, delivering the most reliable industrial silencers.

Our products don’t just work to tackle sounds for the sake of people on and around the site though. They can also reduce noise to protect sensitive equipment. Excessive noises could be causing a huge amount of harm to your systems and instrumentation. It could result in very high maintenance and replacement costs, as well as poor performance. We want to help you avoid this.

Sensitive industries

A number of industries rely on very sensitive equipment. For example, wafer fabrication is a very complex process. It involves the creation of circuits on semiconductor wafers. To do that it repeats several processes continuously to suit the specs. This is essential for products like LEDs and microprocessors. Unfortunately, vibration can cause big issues here, affecting the accuracy of tiny component placements.

In addition to electronics, vibration can cause problems in labs, observatories, neonatal care, and all kinds of measurement equipment. The latter can be especially sensitive. Many systems can be damaged by excess vibrations. It may also have a big impact on the readings they give. If accuracy is crucial and there is little room for error, even a slight vibration can cause huge concerns.

What to do?

There are several things to do to address the problems vibration can cause in sensitive equipment. Firstly you can select structures, foundations and mountings that will resist vibrations as much as possible. The aim should be to keep the transmission to a minimum within the facility itself.

The next thing you can do is address the level of noise. You should look at the sources to find out exactly where it is coming from. This could be a generator, a boiler, or even a piece of processing equipment. In some facilities the noise and vibration will emit from the HVAC system. Once you know the source, you can use industrial silencers to counter it.

In some cases you may need to upgrade your equipment to get the best noise reduction results. For example, you may be using an old gas turbine motor. They can be much louder and vibrate more than modern electric ones.

Talk to us about industrial silencers

Ventx is the UK’s best silencer specialist. We have the resources to support each and every client. This includes access to acoustic modelling software as well as the skills and experience to use it to its fullest. We can also provide precise engineering to produce the final products. Plus, we can offer installation.

So, if noise is causing problems for people or sensitive equipment in your facility, please let us know. We can assist you and deliver reliable solutions. They could increase safety, system performance, and reduce maintenance time.