Follow the law by reducing the noise

It is no good just leaving industrial noise pollution to run rampant. This form of noise can come from many sources, including a gas vent. What you need is a silencer that can reduce the amount of sound from these vents. Our team can assist you with this by using our modern software to create an effective solution.

Noise reduction is not only about protecting workers inside industrial facilities. It is also about following the law. One of the most important laws is the Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act. A person’s rights with this Act work in tandem with the Noise Act 1996 and Environmental Protection Act 1990. It can assist those looking to make complaints about large amounts of noise influencing their lives.

Numerous elements of the 1993 Act are similar to those found in the 1996 Act. This is in relation to the power courts hold to produce fines in addition to other punishments. There are places where they differ somewhat. One is where the Environment Health Department decides whether the sound levels constitute a statutory nuisance or not.

Statutory nuisances

So what actually are these nuisances? According to the legislation, the sound that is the source of someone’s complaint has to be detrimental. This is to their health. Alternatively, or at the same time, it has to interfere with someone’s enjoyment on their own land.

What to do?

There are those who will want to immediately complain to their local authority. However, another possibility can be to get in touch with those creating the noise. You can discuss the issues with them. This way, you can try to come to an understanding. In the case of an industrial facility, they may be able to install a silencer to limit the noise.

Let us design a silencer for your gas vent

At Ventx, we work on behalf of numerous clients in many industries. They all require their own specific model of silencer. Each one has a different design, but they are all effective at reducing noise.

If you are having trouble with a gas vent and need a silencer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can design the perfect solution for you.