Excessive noise is tiring, expensive, and challenging

We understand how disruptive and harmful industrial noise pollution can be. That is why we design and supply a wide collection of silencers to help reduce sound levels. Our merchandise includes the discharge silencer and many others. With them at your disposal, you will be able to control the sounds coming from a myriad of sources.

Noise within the workplace can be extremely annoying. It is also an issue that is becoming more troublesome because the world is getting a lot louder. Such news is not ideal for workers. A loud workplace can cause a lot of issues, and we will be discussing some of them here.


To begin with noise can be tiring. It is a stressor, so it causes stress and tension. If there is one detail that scientists agree on, it is that exposure to noisy settings stimulates the nervous system. It releases stress hormones and raises blood pressure. Even if you attempt to block it out, you need to work harder to finish your tasks. This can become tiring to say the least.


Another fact about noise is that it can be a costly business. The annual cost to Europe from immoderate sound levels is around £30billion. This is according to World Health Organisation estimates. Included here are reduced productivity, healthcare costs, and lost working days.

The impact of a noisy workplace can produce a fair amount of sick days. Non-home workers take more time off if you compare to those who work from home. One aspect of this is the latter can have quieter environments for working.

Even harder multitasking

Moreover, noise can make multitasking even more challenging. We understand that there are various opinions regarding it. For the sake of our point though, the more you attempt it, the greater the chance of environmental noise being a distraction. Even worse, once distracted, people can find it more difficult to return to their original tasks.

Physical damage

One last point is that even moderate noise has the ability to harm our hearing. It is more likely with extended exposure to the sounds. The louder the noise, the less time you need to be exposed to it for problems to begin. It can damage your hearing, or you could lose it entirely.

Choose us if you need a discharge silencer

At Ventx, we have more than a decade of experience with industrial silencer design. Our team uses over 35 years of manufacturing experience and 40 years of acoustic knowledge to excellent effect. We can create practical, cost effective solutions to your noise problems.

So, if you require a discharge silencer, please let us know. We can deliver the most reliable solutions for clients in any industry.