Effectively ventilating a warehouse

In many cases, warehouses are very basic structures. They are generally steel frames with a simple building envelope. The latter can easily just be metal cladding or panels. However, the simplicity can result in issues with things like lighting and ventilation. We want to look at the latter today, including the importance of HVAC, vents, and why you may also need an air vent silencer.

The issue

Warehouses often don’t have a proper HVAC system. It can result in some major issues. They can have a big impact on employee health and safety as well as the reputation of the business.

The main problem is the air quality can be very poor here. That is especially likely at busy periods when you have lots of people working in the building. If you use equipment like forklifts, the exhaust fumes will also be added to the mix.

Another issue is the temperature within the building can get very uncomfortable if you don’t have a HVAC system. This can have a massive impact on employees. It could also potentially damage the goods you are storing.

What to do?

The solution here is to ensure you have a suitable ventilation system in the warehouse. As a minimum there should be some vents to allow hot, dirty air to leave the property. You may need fans to direct airflows to these exits. Make sure you get the placement of each air vent correct. This includes having them close to any equipment to release fumes.

In some cases you may need a formal air conditioning system. You can place units in strategic locations throughout the building. These can pull out hot air and deliver cool in return. It may even be a good idea to choose destratification fans to mix and circulate air.

Another thing to look at is the humidity. It can have a huge impact on temperatures in the building and again may be responsible for damaging products. You need to control how humid the warehouse is to make it more comfortable. A dehumidifier may be necessary to help with this. However, some HVAC systems have humidity controls.

Finally, you may need to look at insulating the building. As we said above, many warehouses are simple, basic structures. They can often lack insulation. That means if it is hot outside, it can heat the interior. Similarly, when it is cold it can make it freezing inside. The solution is to insulate every part of the structure, including the exterior walls, ceiling, and floor.


An important thing to note here is you may need to consider noise when you make changes. You might need a silencer for each air vent because they can get noisy. It could also be necessary to get them for fans and other equipment to address the operating sound.

The last thing you want is to improve the ventilation only to make the workplace unpleasant because of the sounds. In some cases this could be just as harmful to employees. So, it is a good idea to think about silencers. It is also easier to do this from the outset before you commit to a HVAC system, fans, vent placement, and other things.

Talk to us for an air vent silencer

Ventx is one of the UK’s leading industrial silencing specialists. We know the hazards noise can cause in a variety of settings, whether it is massive plants or smaller storage facilities. Wherever there is a risk to people or the environment, it is a good idea to bring the volume down.

We are happy to provide bespoke solutions for all clients. They can be air vent silencers, solutions for HVAC, fans, and more. We even cater for things like steam boilers and heavy plant. So, if you need help, contact us.