Choose the right type of industrial steam boiler

Many industrial facilities continue to use steam boilers because they offer a number of crucial benefits. For example, they are the most efficient if you consider how fast the heat can travel throughout the building. The heat control can be precise too and they can have smaller pipes with no need for pumps. However, you may need a steam boiler silencer to address noise. It may be a requirement for every type of appliance.

Generally there are four different types of steam boiler. Let’s have a look at them so you know which to choose.

Fire tube

Firstly we have the simplest and most common form. What happens here is you have a fire and a series of tubes to carry the hot steam. The tube runs through a sealed tank of water. The heat from the tubes warms up the water, resulting in steam. This can then be collected at the top of the tank and sent through another series of pipes to direct it around a property. These models tend to be the smallest and most efficient.

Water tube

The second option is almost the opposite of the first. Instead of tubes with hot gas and a tank of water, you have tubes with water and a boiler that burns fuel to create steam. So, what you have is water getting heated while it is flowing through the tubes. This style of boiler can handle higher pressures and achieve greater temperatures than fire tube. A key thing to note though is both types may need a steam boiler silencer to address the noise.


Both fire and water tube boilers use combustion, generally burning some form of fossil fuel. However, you can choose a steam boiler that is powered by electricity instead. They can be incredibly efficient and reduce the carbon footprint of operations. Models can offer impressive performance, especially when they have a large steam release area.


These models have become a common choice for businesses that want to maximise efficiency. They can save a great deal of fuel if you compare to fire and water tube systems. This is because they feature heat exchangers to save excess energy from water or steam. In turn it reduces the need for further gas or oil.

What to think about?

There are a number of things to consider when you look at these different styles of steam boiler. For example, how much steam do you need, what operating conditions are you working with, and what kind of output type do you need. It is also important to think about noise.

Do you need a steam boiler silencer?

Industrial facilities can be incredibly noisy. That is why typically they must be built a distance from residential areas and urban centres. The boilers in these properties can be a major source of the noise. It can happen because they have to work hard to provide enough heat and hot water for the property. In some cases they generate steam directly for applications too, including sterilisation.

Businesses with noisy boilers may want to look into silencers. They can be the best options to ensure sound levels are acceptable. In turn this protects the employees in the building, visitors, and the wider environment.

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