Boiler kettling explained

When it comes to specialist utensils like silencers, you need the design to be correct so you get good results. Ours is a team that works hard to ensure that each client receives a suitable model. We can design a steam boiler silencer that will fit in nicely with your current systems. This is possible thanks to our special acoustic modelling software.

You may have picked up on strange noises originating from your boiler. Or, your installation may be making extremely horrible and loud sounds. If this is the case, you could have boiler kettling on your hands. It is an issue that the majority of systems can experience eventually. However, by understanding how it works, you might be able to keep everything quiet.

What causes it?

One of the first things you should know is that there isn’t one sole noise here. When people say ‘boiler kettling’, they are talking generally about noises that aren’t supposed to manifest. This might be high-pitch drumming, banging, or a whistle. Some sounds can be relatively quiet, even if they are unusual. Others can sound like an indicator of a dangerous issue.

The term “kettling” originates from the fact that the boilers typically sound like whining kettles. Noises can occur for a number of reasons, usually things like overheating, leaks, and limescale. If an issue affects the pressure, it can result in noise. Whatever the cause, it doesn’t exactly make for a comfortable experience for people in the area.

Kettling repair comes in various forms

When there is a boiler making the sounds, you must know that repair work to fix everything can vary. Certain boilers could only have complications with a single water pipe. This can take next to no time to fix. Others may have a huge heating problem that demands a completely new heat exchanger system.

However, a noisy boiler does not always mean that there is some massive problem to solve. You shouldn’t assume that a loud sound is a danger to your safety if you are unaware of the cause. It may simply be noise due to a flaw in the system design, such as pipe bends creating turbulent steam flow.

If everything is in order with your boiler and there is still noise, you may want to use a silencer. A bespoke one can help to lower the volume and make it safer to work in facilities.

The experts on steam boiler silencer design

At Ventx, we know that noise pollution can have several negative effects on us. This includes physical symptoms like hearing loss and other psychological complications. In some cases it can increase risk in the workplace by causing more distractions. Luckily, we can help by offering silencers.

It is our job to ensure you have a suitable steam boiler silencer or another design to keep noise to a minimum. So, if you require our assistance, please let us know.