Considerations for the installation of a diffuser silencer

While industrial equipment can be very valuable and useful, it can generate a huge amount of noise. A lot of the time this occurs from normal operation. The noises can impact the bottom-line and even harm hearing. However, we can provide numerous solutions to these kinds of problems, including a diffuser silencer.
Many industrial buildings don’t take advantage of silencers. When installing them in premises though, there are some vital things to keep in mind.

Location is important

There are many factors to account for when selecting the perfect spot for a silencer. This includes the model you use, how quiet you need to make the space, and where this space is.
An important thing to keep in mind is breakout noise. This is when sound passes through ductwork walls rather than flowing out of vents. You need to keep this concept in mind because you might end up with breakout noise flowing into a room. This is despite installing a silencer that effectively deals with sound coming through a vent.

Remember air pressure calculations

Something important to remember is the relationship between controlling noise and air pressure. For example, a lot of silencers use baffles. These are absorbent material that turns noise energy into friction heat. While this effectively reduces noise levels, it can also result in a pressure drop of the airflow.
Fans in equipment make pressure which pushes the airstream forward. Any obstruction, including baffles, will produce back pressure. This makes the fan pushing the airstream less effective. You have to balance the air resistance the silencer creates with the pressure drop the fan allows if you want to keep the airflow moving.

Plan carefully

The installation of silencers involves a lot of planning. You need to take the needs of the equipment, building, and occupants into account. Sound often travels in ways you don’t expect. So, an understanding of the relationship between equipment, ductwork, and silencers is vital. For this reason, you should make sure you work with experts who can provide you with a first class solution.
Ventx is the home of experts who can provide silencers for various needs. This could be an in-line or diffuser silencer or one of our other options. Be confident that with us, you will be able to deal with industrial noise. Get in touch today to learn more or to begin designing your product.