A look at silencer geometries

People all over the world are suffering due to noise problems. You can use protective equipment to reduce the impacts, but that won’t tackle the issue. For a more permanent solution, you should use attenuators. Also known as silencers, you install them on your current systems and they minimise the noise they create. In addition to benefiting the people who come to your site, these devices can help you comply with the set UK environmental standards. Continue reading “A look at silencer geometries”

Where do I put attenuators and what happens to the noise?

The problem with noise in industrial settings is that it can cause a lot of damage. It can harm people, the wider environment, and even sensitive equipment on the site. In order to prevent this, you need to use an attenuator. Another name for these installations is silencer. Using special acoustic modelling software, we can create the perfect designs for your facilities. Continue reading “Where do I put attenuators and what happens to the noise?”

What kind of noise can come from gas and diesel-powered engines?

Since industrial noise pollution can cause so many problems, you have to tackle it before it becomes too dangerous. To do this, you need the right products. Our business excels in providing silencers that can minimise the noises from various sources. We can build an intake silencer and many other models to match your facilities. Continue reading “What kind of noise can come from gas and diesel-powered engines?”

The multiple forms of exhaust silencers

We supply high calibre industrial silencers that users can rely on. The purpose of these devices is to diminish the noise coming from various forms of equipment and machinery. These contraptions can produce a lot of sound, which can prove to be harmful in various ways. However, with our in-line silencer products, we well as other designs, you will be able to tackle the issue and improve safety. Continue reading “The multiple forms of exhaust silencers”