With over a decade of industrial silencer design. Ventx builds on over 40 years of acoustic knowledge and 35 years of quality manufacturing.

Serving the needs of the Petro-Chem and Service Industries, Ventx manufacture solutions to Venting and Noise in pipe work. We provide our customers with a cost effective and practical solutions to their noise problem by providing custom built silencers.


Noise is a particularly difficult factor to predict accurately and at the core of the Ventx design procedure is our advanced computer software.

This specially created program allows us to see the noise level most likely to be created from the customer provided data. Interpretation of the data blended with experience help lead to providing a proven solution. A high standard of manufacture is required to make sure that our products meet the design criteria.


To us customer service is one of the fundamentals of our business.  We understand that customers’ requirements can sometimes vary as a project evolves.  With this in mind we ensure that we’re always on-hand to provide a complete service every step of the way.  We want the silencer we manufacture to be more than suitable and last for many years without question.