Steam Boiler Silencer

Ventx is one of the best designers of industrial silencers in the UK. We can design products to suit various applications. In each case our goal is to reduce the noise to a less harmful level to protect people and the infrastructure. One product in particular we excel at designing is the steam boiler silencer.

What is a steam boiler?

Many people won’t be familiar with these boilers. When they think about a boiler they will likely imagine the compact model they have at home. However, these units and even the largest standard boilers may not be appropriate for huge industrial, commercial, and public buildings. The number of radiators and hot taps in these properties means there is a massive demand for hot water. As a result the boiler needs to be up to the task.

In many cases large buildings will have a steam boiler. The advantage is that it is easier to transport steam through a complex piping system. It can move through pipes without the need for pumps. As a result, it is a simpler and more cost effective option than pumping water throughout a large building.

However, using steam in this manner can create a lot of noise. The issue is the pressure. Obstacles in the system can interrupt the flows, causing turbulence and vibrations. This can occur at valves, bends in pipes, and many other points. It can also be very noisy when venting the steam because of the pressure differential.

Choosing a steam boiler silencer

The solution here is to use the right silencers. They can combine elements of absorptive and reactive silencing to tackle the expansion of the steam and pressure issues. Ventx has a lot of experience designing these products. As a result we are confident we can create models to suit any system within any kind of large building.

To create the best products though, we need some information from the client. To begin with we need details of the boiler and system design. Then, we need to know about the pressure levels and noise reduction requirements. We can take these details and use modern 3D imaging software to design a suitable silencer.

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If you have an issue with a noisy steam boiler and want expert help, Ventx is the company to call. We have lots of happy clients and aim to offer the best results with every single product we create. That is why we are the leading steam boiler silencer provider in the UK.

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