In-Line Silencers

In many industrial processes, noise attenuation measures focus on the noise created by exhaust and venting devices.  But much of the noise pollution which occurs as a result of power generation and other processes can be at an intermediate stage, and if they aren’t dealt with, these noise levels can have an adverse effect on staff and visitors who may be exposed to them repeatedly and for extended periods.  Just as there are specific designs of silencers for exhausts and venting devices, there are also in-line silencers which are made specifically to deal with noise created by gas flow within ducting or other conduits.

Whenever a flow of gas passes through a chamber or junction, or simply from one diameter of pipe to another, there is the potential for the flow to be disrupted resulting in unwanted noise.  This noise is sometimes amplified by the downstream piping.  Fitting an in line silencer at such a point in the system balances the flow to eliminate such noise at the source.

Each direct in-line silencer supplied by Ventx is custom built to provide optimal performance in a specific system.  We begin with an acoustic analysis of the system, recording the levels and frequencies of noise produced.  If your facility is still under construction, or has not yet left the drawing board, we can use your specifications along with our sophisticated computer software to model the acoustic properties of the proposed installation.

Once a design has been arrived at, your direct in-line silencer is manufactured using long strand fibreglass acoustic packing as absorption material.  This acoustic core can be supplied in a custom fabricated in line silencer housing, or as-is in order to be inserted into your existing pipework. A good acoustic match will mean acoustic cladding of pipework is unnecessary.